LLC "AVTEC Group"  - the supplier of electronic components foreign production, specializes in supplying a wide range 
Microwave components and engineering - technical support of complex tasks in the field of microwave electronics and high-power electronic   devices.  Founded in 2003.  in St. Petersburg.


  • long-term experience of complex supplies of electronic components
  • well-established business relationships with manufacturers and suppliers in many countries
  • effective processing of the orders - from receiving the request to shipment of the goods
  • procurement strategy for optimal stocks
  • consulting services for the selection of the element base, comprehensive technical and information support
  • prompt delivery of products to the customer
  • guaranteed quality


We are focused on consumers' interests, we guarantee our clients an individual approach, quick response to all requests and competitive prices. We strive to increase the number of permanent clients, to be honest and long-term collaboration. The successful development of our client's business - the best assessment of the quality of our work. Caring for our employees, their welfare and professionalism - the basis of the existence and growth.


Continuous improvement of the quality of our service through the introduction of advanced technologies, the requirements of the customers and striving to exceed their expectations.  






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